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Picture of Me

Gabriel Romualdo

Software Engineer

Young software engineer (in high school) with 7+ years of experience with PHP, Python, Java, and JavaScript, looking for an opportunity to put my skills to good use. I'm flexible and eager to work with a team of talented developers on products that can make an impact.

With every aspect of the project, [Gabriel] exceeded expectations, completing tasks efficiently and accurately but also going beyond the call of duty each time to add more value.

— Alex Koumpas, Product Manager at Spirited Network

    Work Experience

  • Speechify

    I'm currently an engineer on Speechify's platform team, leading the accounts system here at the company. Right now I own the backend features related to user subscriptions, capabilities, and details.I've also helped write other services, which have been shipped to the millions of users that use Speechify. Most of the detailed technical side of my work is currently confidential.

  • Shardus

    Currently working as an engineer developing Shardus's decentralized blockchain network technology. Unlike other major blockchain networks, what we're building at Shardus can scale to thousands of transactions per second, and uses state sharding to provide numerous performance advantages.Along with Shardus, I'm helping to build Liberdus, the first coin built with Shardus. I am behind much of the Shardus's official documentation, as well as several parts of the Shardus website.

  • GeeksforGeeks

    Working as a technical content writer, publishing educational and detailed articles about various programming concepts. Liaised with editors at GeeksforGeeks to make sure their needs were met. Wrote a number of articles about various topics ranging from JSON and CSV conversion to JavaScript datetimes.

  • Boston University Dictionary of African Christian Biography

    Reduced the build time of the 4000+ page site by 82%, greatly improved SEO and performance, and increased Lighthouse scores by 20%+.Developed custom a client-side search engine with predictions and text highlighting to search thousands of pages with over one million words in less than 1.5s, on the browser. Helped research optimizations for this search engine, and worked with a BU data science researcher to consider potential clustering algorithms and other indexing methods.

  • Spirited Network & Spirited Thanks

    Worked with a team of 30+ developers, liaised with the President of The Oxford Guild and product managers to build a platform to spread gratitude to health workers. Helped spread and aggregate over two million posts of appreciation, built numerous parts of the site including the frontend language translation system as one of the top developers in the team.


  • AP Computer Science A (Score: 5) • 2019–2020
  • MERN Stack Front To Back: React, Redux & Node.js (Online Course) • 2019–Present
  • Advanced CSS & Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations & More (Online Course) • 2018–2019
  • Build Responsive Websites with HTML and CSS (Online Course) • 2016–2017


  • COVID-19 Online News Special

    Special edition website for The Standard (school newspaper), showcasing a timeline of articles, videos, and infographicsViewed by thousands of students, awarded second place in National Scholastic Press Association Best of Show (Spring 2020, for News/Feature Package)

  • CubeSimulator

    An interactive Rubik's Cube scrambler, solver, and simulator. Implemented an entirely custom, animated 3D Rubik's cube as well as internal functionality with an efficient solving algorithm.Along with its effective UI and useful features, the bundle size of the cube's code is significantly smaller than other mainstream options, improving load times greatly.

  • Programming Articles

    I've written 30+ articles about programming on my personal blog, which have garnered 150K+ views and over 10K followers on the DEV Community. Articles have been featured on the DEV Top 7 list and on the front page of Hacker News several times.

    Technical Skills

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript • 5 Years of Experience
  • Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose • 2 Years of Experience
  • React.js, Next.js, Gatsby.js • 2 Years of Experience
  • MongoDB MongoDB Atlas • 2 Years of Experience
  • Git, Version Control, GitLab, GitHub • 5 Years of Experience
  • Vercel, Heroku, Netlify, GitHub Pages • 3 Years of Experience
  • PHP, Laravel • 4 Years of Experience
  • Python, Flask • 7 Years of Experience
  • Java • 4 Years of Experience
  • Electron • 4 Years of Experience
  • Firebase • 5 Years of Experience
  • Jekyll • 5 Years of Experience
  • Chrome Extension Development • 4 Years of Experience
  • Flutter • 1 Year of Experience


  • Model United Nations • 2016–Present
    Delegate in five conferences in London, Lisbon, Paris, and Valencia. Currently a Secretary-General for BUAMUN 2022.
  • Math Team & Math Olympiads • 2015–Present
    Received UK Math Trust certificates of merit, gold, best in year, and best in school multiple times; won the Math Olympiads highest individual score trophy three out of the four years I participated
  • Mentoring Math, Robotics, & Computer Science • 2019–Present
    Spent over 100 hours mentoring at Black Girls Code, Greater Boston STEM, at Alexander Twilight Academy, and an FLL Robotics team and a group of Math Olympiads students. Currently helping organize BU Academy's 2021 computer science summer program, where I helped recruit volunteers, work on marketing, and will be helping to teach over 30 students how to program.